Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rachael Wang: Fashion Director at Allure

When I last talked to Rachael, she was the fashion market editor at Nylon. Like many in fashion, Rachael's career has been all about redefinition, and her ability to adapt to the changes that have happened in media in the past five years is nothing short of amazing. This fashion director/stylist/consultant/all around inspirational woman defines what it means to wear multiple hats and own them all. As she settles into a new role — fashion director at Allure — I revisited my 2014 interview with her, filled with her solid advice on how to deal with career changes and her wise words for hopefuls looking to enter the intimidating editor's arena.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lauren Caruso: Senior Digital Editor at Allure Magazine

I first came across Lauren via her friend Alyssa Coscarelli's frequent Instagrams featuring their brunch escapades, and upon discovery, was all about her own carefully crafted Instagram feed. A few liked posts later, I realized that she worked at Refinery 29 and made it my mission to try to reach out to her for an interview. Life got in the way, and by the time I tracked her down, she had relocated to Allure Magazine. Good news — this digital maven has settled into her new position and gave me all of the deets on life at Allure, her favorite NYFW trends, and exactly what part she'll play in the fashion world's digital evolution, happening as we speak.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sarah Kim: Founder / Editor in Chief at By Way Of Brooklyn

The first time that I came across Sarah Kim's By Way of Brooklyn I realized two things: 1) I'd come across something really special, and 2) I was suffering from major borough envy. Each story — all centered around female innovators who call BK home — was unlike anything I'd ever read on Tumblr. The stories were compelling and the images, honest and revealing. It was as if I was reading a cool indie magazine, but in an interactive and digestible way — essentially the best of both worlds.

Fast forward to this summer, when I found out that Sarah was taking BWOB to print. I immediately reached out to her to find out what we can expect from the first issue, her feelings on all things digital, and her tips for mastering the New York hustle.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Caroline Ventura: Owner/Designer at Brvtvs

Before I started interning at Of a Kind, I naturally stalked the site for months. I’m talking reading up on every designer and knowing each product’s name and price by heart. Through my pre-education I came across BRVTVS, a jewelry line specializing in minimalist jewelry that begs never to be taken off. After I learned how to properly pronounce the name (it’s ˈbrü-təs in case you were wondering) I was hooked, and became equally obsessed with Caroline Ventura who designs the line, and sells it in her NYC retail space Calliope. I sat down with Caroline to get the backstory on BRVTVS and her advice to designers in training.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chelsea Moylan: Owner at anomie

Going into business for yourself is no easy feat, especially as a woman. Challenges present themselves at each step, causing most to bow out of the entrepreneurial game. But not Chelsea Moylan. A love for independent designers and a knowledge of the fashion business (with help in part from her super successful blog & YouTube channel) led to anomie  — the chic e-shop that she later turned into a brick and mortar in San Francisco. The best part? You actually know where/by whom each piece was made, giving each purchase a personal connection. Read on for the scoop on how Chelsea launched anomie, her plans for its future, and the behind the scenes dish on the world of beauty vlogging.