Hi! I'm Callia Hargrove, a native New Yorker working as a social media editor at Racked, and sidelining as the writer of this blog. I've always loved fashion, and when I moved to the city to study at FIT, I spent so much of my time researching who the players were in the fashion industry and how they got to where they are.

I started this site as a way of sharing the stories of people who inspire me — innovators and entrepreneurs changing the industry. I hope that hearing these stories can provide anyone with hopes of making it in fashion with inspiration and some insight into all of the cool opportunities that exist. We no longer live in a time where a 9-5 is the only option, and I love being able to showcase that while tapping the brains of some of the industry's game changers.

If there's anyone that you'd like to see on here, or if you yourself would like to be featured please drop me a line at callia@meetthemavens.com